We produce high quality vegan organic sweets in Germany:

Buddha Bears: vegan organic gummy bears
Choco Shaman: vegan organic chocolate with coconut blossom sugar

Our products are known and loved for their

  • high quality: made in Germany
  • organic: certified organic ingredients
  • delicious taste: almost all our customers say: yummie! So delicious! Your sweets are really different!
  • free from: free from any animal products - strictly vegan. Free from gluten, free from lactose
  • appealing presentation: cute detailed forms, attractive packaging

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Choco Shaman
Choco Shaman - high quality vegan organic chocolate with coconut blossom sugar

The 50g chocolate bar with 60% cocoa minimum is made only of pure and high-quality ingredients: coconut blossom sugar, cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

We don’t use additives, aromas or animal components, no beet sugar and cane sugar. The chocolate is lactose- and gluten free.

The result of gentle milling and conching is a silky finish without using lecithin or any other emulsifiers. The salmon flavor is well balanced between an aromatic dark chocolate and the sweetness of a milk chocolate.

The lovely designed packaging with imprint on the cover conveys the high quality of the Choco Shaman.
In the opened box is an instruction for the Choco Shaman Ritual – a little game with the eight symbols around the figure in the center (heart, angel, yin-yang, shamrock, sun, infinity, owl and peace dove). Each symbol can be broken out of the bar and thus be mindfully consumed, shared, given away or just nibbled …



Buddha Bears

Buddha Bears vegan organic gummy bearsBuddha Bears vegan organic gummy bears














Buddha Bears are delicious vegan organic gummy bears with many details in their form: they have eyes, a happy smile, cute little legs and arms and they have even eyebrows and a bellybutton! People love their apprearance often saying: "Oh my God, how cute! Look at that!"Buddha Bears vegan organic gummy bears

Then they try them... "Yummie! Really delicious! So fruity! And they are really vegan?" Yes, they are! Instead of gelatine we use apple pectine. There is Buddha Bears in 6 different flavors: apple, orange, lemon, raspberry, pineapple, blackcurrant.

There is different types of packaging: in a representative cardboard box, with a carboard folder attached to the packaging, with a sticker etc.

There is also different sizes available: 18g, 50g, 75g, 500g etc.

You want to distribute delicious vegan organic gummy bears? Or are you looking for an appealing sweet Give Away?

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